Thoughts on a new podcast

I’ve spent the past few weeks working on my podcast and getting closer to launching it everyday. I’ve been thinking about it for such a long time and still have a long way to go on it but I thought I’d write about it here and get things going a little bit more.

SO the podcast which at the moment I’m calling “The Sound Voyager podcast”. I had a lot of other names but this one just felt right to me. We’ll see how it flies when I start doing it. But the basic idea is that it will be a podcast about sound and specifically listening to sound. I know a lot of people who listen to podcasts and love to listen. I also love to listen to podcasts. And I love to listen to sound. It’s part of why I become a sound engineer in the first place. I also love recording and talking about sound. And it seemed like i t might be fun to do a podcast about sound.

In each episode I’ll share a recording and then talk about it. some things we might get into are going to take cues from the sound itself but I can see where I’d get into talking about the sound, what it’s conveying to me as a listener, but also what it takes to make that sound perhaps, the physics of it, the frequencies, amplitude… etc. The point of the podcast is about listening and about spending the time to understand a sound. my goal is to make a podcast that will be fun to listen to, that it will take you places you didn’t expect and ultimately it’s a listen that might just get you listening better.

those are my thoughts for now. Keep your ears open for more soon!

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